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Neon Sky is my domain collective following Seven-Skies, because I wanted a place online to showcase all my active site projects - I had seen many cool ones and I entered a me too, me too mindset frenzy. :P
The domain first opened in October 2013 on Hostinger free service, but was soon moved to Siteground; it stayed until May 2015 when I hastily decide to close it down because the site was becoming a chore - and the package too expensive. A few months later I felt the need for a collective, got a new name and host (Juujiro and Veerotech) but the name was wrong so I bought back Neon Sky.com and set it up first on Veerotech, then on Stars.bz, NFPHosting and finally on BeezerHost - where it's gonna stay. ♥

Webmaster :: Lucien.
Domain :: Register.it.
Hosting :: BeezerHost ♥.
Open Since :: October 2013 - March 2016.
Best view :: Mozilla Firefox with a 1280x800 resolution or higher.

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