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Alive and back (hopefully soon)!!

Posted on May 14 2023 • 0 artificial skies

Hello minna, it’s been a lifetime.
I won’t give you any “life is hectic”, “been working behind the scene”, “coming back soon”, etc. excuse….because the truth is I’ve been lazy; I haven’t fell the pull to update any of my sites for a while now and, while I’m not closing them (now way in h3ll), it might take a wee while before they get a proper update.

This doesn’t mean this site (nor the others) is dead - I have some big news and announcements to make which will come before the end of the month of before July at most; it just means I’ll take a bit longer to update and it’ll happen more sporadically and randomly….but updates *will* happen. That is guaranteed.

Sorry for this random (probably meaningless) post, but I wanted to update you a bit - let you know what’s going on and all - so to reassure the site isn’t going away any time soon.
Everybody take care and have a wonderful week. ♥

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